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On this week's episode Paul and Ben welcome Tim Schwartz to tackle listener questions from Annabelle (of the Warren's fame), to UFO's in advertising, to mothman and more!

Behind the Paranormal with Paul and Ben Eno

Dave Richards, State Sen. Melissa Murray, Rich Allain from American Legion Post 85 & Kevin Callahan join Joe Callahan.

Coffee an' for November 11, 2022

Mayor Dan Gendron, Atty. Bob Larder & Emily Haning-Sheehan from The Call join Joe Callahan.

Coffee an' for November 10, 2022

Ed Careau from The Careau Investment Group & Linda Thibault from Aging Well join Joe Callahan.

Coffee an' for November 8, 2022

Garrett Mancieri & Dave Richards Join Joe Callahan.

Coffee an' for November 7, 2022

On this week's episode Paul and Ben welcome Gillian Harris to talk about reincarnation, the question of ghosts if reincarnation is real and the idea of Love.

Behind the Paranormal with Paul and Ben Eno

Mike Carroll & Angel Maclure from Dean Bank, Kevin Callahan & Dave Richards Join Joe Callahan.

Coffee an' for November 4, 2022

Local origination Spanish language program devoted to community information and education.

De Todo 1 Poco for November 3, 2022

Atty. Bob Larder, Emily Haining-Sheehan from The Call & Dave Richards join Joe Callahan.

Coffee an' for November 3, 2022

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