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Ed Careau from The Careau Investment Group & Linda Thibault join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for June 4, 2024

John Ward, Melissa Murray & Dave Richards join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for June 3, 2024

Kevin's guests this week: Cumberland Athletic Director Marty Crowley and Bryant University Associate Athletic Director Tristan Hobbs. In Color.

Kevin's Sports Show

Garry Smith and the crew test memories. Today's crew: Lynn Smith, Marie and Eddie Harnois, and the irrepressible Steve Peluso. In Color.

Do You Remember ?

Melissa Murray, Dave Richards & Rich Allain from Post 85 join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for May 31, 2024

Attorney Bob Larder and Sue Tessier MacKenzie of the Blackstone Valley Call & Times discuss the news of the day, including the combined meeting of the Woonsocket School Committee and City Council and last night's Flash Mob for Tammy Lamberto Roy. In Color.

Coffee An for May 30, 2024

Melissa Smith from St. Antoine Communities, Tim Draper from Navigant Credit Union & John Ward join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An' for May 29, 2024

Ed Careau from The Careau Investment Group & Dave Richards join Joe Callahan

Coffee An' for May 28, 2024

Dave Richards, Melissa Murray & State Rep. Bob Phillips join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An' for May 27, 2024

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