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Melissa Murray & Dave Richards Join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for July 7, 2023

On this week's episode Paul and Ben welcome Ella LeBain to talk about the paranormal implications of the bible, everything from angels and demons to extraterrestrials.

Behind the Paranormal with Paul and Ben Eno

Melissa Murray, Meg Rego, Dave Richards & Rich Allainfrom Post 85 join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for July 7, 2023

Woon. Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, Atty. Bob Larder & State Rep. Bob Phillips join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for July 6, 2023

Tim Draper from Navigant Credit Union and Former Mayor of Cumberland Bill Murray join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for July 5, 2023

Joyce Hindle-Koutsigiane, Melissa Murray, Romeo Berthiaume, & Dave Richards join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for July 3, 2023

Steve Smith from Steve Smith & the Nakeds, Meg Rego from Leavitt AMP, Rich Allain from Post 85, Melissa Murray & Dave Richards join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for June 30, 2023

Atty. Bob Larder, Emily Haning-Sheehan from The Call & Cindy Johnston, Finance Director of Woonsocket join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for June 29, 2023

Melissa Smith from St. Antoine Communities & Tim Draper from Navigant Credit Union join Joe Callahan.

Coffee An for June 28, 2023

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